Just Imagine the Taif trial very close after Umrah proceeding

Though each step of Muhammad (SAW) consisted of the tough trial but the bona fide test that prompts to collapse the tears is found in the land of Taif. Since the heart of Muhammad (SAW) was overflowing to the profound compassion of humanity, thus the time had reached when He (SW) was to confer with Nabowat.

As Allah-Almighty chose Muhammad (SAW) to rescue the man from chaos meanwhile several opponents bitterly chased Muhammad (SAW) to prove Him a liar. Regardless of giving up, the Prophet of God remained steadfast and had continued the preaching of Oneness. Despite hard efforts of Tauheed in Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) could not win the heart of Meccan as well.

In this way, He (SAW) moved towards Taif to save them from ignorance. Instead of choosing the right path the Taif multitude made the true message as ridiculous and totally ignored. Even the chiefs of Taif set the group of children behind the Prophet (SAW) who laughed, mocked and threw the stones on Him.

Still, the place is witnessed at the Hijazi Mountain and if you go to Mecca through any 14 Nights Cheap Umrah Deal From UK you must visit such destination which shrieks in abstract ways, so only those people feel the who really great love with Prophet of God.

The spot tells that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) seriously injured and Allah-Almighty sent angels to destroy the people of Taif but the Prophet of God denied by saying,’’ O God, forgive them as they don’t recognize me”.

No doubt, the Prophet of God was sent for blessing and whole the Arab peninsula is a witness that He (SAW) was not being sent just for them but for the whole of mankind.

Today thousands of people make sure their presence before them and get a maximum reward as He (SAW) said, offering the prayer in Masjid Nabwi is equal to one thousand prayers. If you want to get such a huge reward you must plan in Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 UK because you can get not only one thousand prayer’s reward but also Hajj equal reward.

But the most important thing is that first of all you have to solve your family’s amenities then you are allowed to go to Mecca regarding the execution of Umrah. Therefore, if you are not capable of Umrah in Ramadan, so you can grab the best option in  Umrah Package 2019 which will be proved the finest Umrah experience.

Thus, how much we are lucky who blessed with rain reward from Allah-Almighty on the behalf of beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He (SAW) was the savior of mankind who tolerated hardships for His Ummah.

 May God close us to Nabi (SAW) at the Day of Judgment. Ameen

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