The Significance of The Fajr Prayer in the Life of Muslims

Allah gives a gift of Salah to the Ummah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and He was found this gift on the occasion of Miraj. Then Allah fixed the five prayers in a day in the form of Farz, Sunnah, and Nafl Rakats. The farz and some Sunnah are obligatory for the Muslims to perform them. It's craving of Muslims to perform Fajr Salah in the House of Allah thru Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019. The purpose of Salah is a remembrance of Allah and begging or appealing Allah. 

Allah Says in the Holy Quran, “Definitely, those who have faith in and do virtuous actions and offer prayer and give zakat will have their reward with their Allah, and there will be no terror relating to them, nor will they sorrow.” (Quran 2:277) Rakat of Fajr Prayer There are two 4 Rakats of Fajr prayer,
  • 2 Sunnah 
  • 2 Farz
Both are obligatory to perform at the time of Fajr. Benefits of Fajr Prayer There are many benefits, offering the Fajr prayer. See some benefits below, Allah’ Fortification 
  • Angels as Witness 
  • Saving from the Jahannam 
  • Unmatchable Fajr Sunnah Prayer
 Saving from the Jahannam 

Muslims offer the prayer for the remembrance of Allah and to gain His attention. Therefore, they worship only Him because they know that Allah is Creator and Giver. Who follow His instructions, He will give the reward in the eternal life. According to Hadith,

“Whoever offers the Prayer before the rising of the sun and the Prayer before its setting will not pass in the Jahannam.”(Muslim)

Allah’s Fortification

 Prayers are an important part of appealing Allah and they can share everything with Him because He is Listener and Knowing all. Allah gives the Barakah who offers the Fajr prayer regularly and recite the Holy Quran in Fajr time. The person wandering in the protection of Allah all day. “Whoever offers the Fajr prayer, he or she is then under Allah’s fortification. So, be careful, O, son or daughter of Adam, that Allah doesn’t call you to the justification for being absent from His defense for any reason.” (Muslim)

So, I think you guys understand my point of view regarding the significance of Fajr prayer in the life of Muslims. As you know that everyone has the desire to offer the prayers in the House of Allah, therefore must consider the Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 for Groups to fulfills your dream.

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