Drink Zamzam Healthy Water During Umrah

What is Zamzam? 

Zamzam is the name of a famous and sacred well which is present in the sacred Holy Mosque of Haram. This well provides water to billions of people every day. This well of water came into existence when Hazrat Ismael (AS) son of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) rubbing His heels with the intensity of thirst.

History of Well of Zamzam: 

The well of Zamzam came into existence back around 4000 years ago. This well of water came into existence by the order of Allah Almighty to provide water to Bibi Hajra (AS) and his son Hazrat Ismael (AS) in the dry, hot valley. If you are there with Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 From UK then you must have knowledge about such a marvelous historical place.

Around 4000 years ago Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) came to Makkah and left his wife Hajra (AS) and son of Hazrat Ismael (AS) there on the orders of Allah Almighty. Back there Makkah was a barren and wasteland and there was no water, the food there. When Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) left his wife and son there after some days the food and water were consumed then Hazrat Ismael (AS) started to cry due to the intensity of thirst and hunger.

Hajra (AS) try to feed his son as long as she can but the water in the skin had all been used up and she became thirsty too. When Hazrat Ismael (AS) starts to cry because of thirst she couldn’t watch the condition of her son and went off in search of food and water. Hajra (AS) go to the mountain that was near her she climbs on the mountain of Safa and started looking at the valley so she might see someone or any sign of water but she couldn’t find any sign of water or anybody then she ran back to look for her son and in distress she ran across the valley and reached the mountain of Al Marwa and climb on it so she might see somebody or any sign of food or water. She ran back and forth seven time in the hope so she can find or water for her baby and there Hazrat Ismael (AS) started to rubbing the land with his heels due to the intensity of thirst. When Hajra (AS) was on her seventh round she heard a voice she ran back to Hazrat Ismael (AS) she saw a fountain of water boiling under the feet of Hazrat Ismael (AS).

Allah ordered His angel and he hit the ground with his heel or his wings the water appeared where Hazrat Ismael (AS) rubbed his heel due to thirst. Hajra (AS) dug up a hole for water so she can gather the water and when the water started to flow she said Zamzam that means to stop from there that well of water is called as well of Zamzam and the water is Zamzam water.

Location Of Well of Zamzam:

The well is located approximately 20 meters east of the Holy Kabah. The well is below the ground and it is 35 meters deep.

Importance of Zamzam water:

Zamzam water has no comparison with other water in the world. It is sacred water. All the water on the earth has different taste but they have no match for Zamzam water it’s Holy water. Muslims going Makkah for Umrah with  Ramadan Umrah 2019 With Cheap Flights or anytime they prefer drinking Zamzam water.

Here are some benefits of water: 

  • Zamzam water is a power drink because it has the power to satisfy both hunger and thirst.
  • Zamzam water is a cure for sickness or illness. 
  • Zamzam water recommended to pilgrims of Hajj so they can fill their level of thirst by drinking it.

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